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Hi! My name is Ella, and I want to do my part as a member of my local community and the world to make a positive change. When I was 13, I decided to use my passion for crafting to support causes that are important to me. Check out my                       and the Currently Supporting tab on the                                to stay updated on the causes I am supporting.

I was inspired to start making jewelry to raise money when my family adopted our dog, Moose, from a local animal rescue called the White Kitty Foundation. I felt unsatisfied knowing that we were only helping one dog, so I decided to use my hobby to help support the efforts of the White Kitty Foundation. 

In 8th grade, I started fundraising for well construction in areas without access to clean water. Building a well is a tangible goal with far-reaching impact, as women and girls who would otherwise walk to collect water are able to go to school and become entrepreneurs, helping break the cycle of poverty. So far I have fundraised for the construction of wells in two villages, Motony in Kenya and Dos Palaís in Haiti.


I have been honored to get to speak at WE Charity youth empowerment conferences, as well as film videos for the WE Charity to help inspire other youth to use their voice to make a change. Now soon to graduate from college, I have continued to use my passion to support causes that matter to me, and plan to keep sharing with others the fulfillment of being able to create change with our own hands. Join me as we work to help our neighbors both next door and across the seas.

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